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Course Overview 

We are a MULTI AWARD WINNING academy and one of few academies in the U.K. able to offer a fast track to injectables course


We have gained this privilege due to our high quality training and dedication to safety and advanced anatomy and physiology content within our courses.

Our Fast Track Pathway to Injectables course is taught by our Advanced Practitioner and has been designed in such a way to ensure all students are able to perform injectables in a safe and effective manner with in-depth understanding of health and safety, contradictions, complications, first aid and much more.

The course covers in-depth anatomy and physiology of the skin and face both during your time at the academy and in pre study material.

This is the ONLY course in the U.K within the aesthetics industry that enables you to qualify on JUST 3 DAYS!

How is this possible ?

Due to insurance stipulations students are normally required to have one of the following to be able to qualify in injectables:

  • Beauty Level 3 NVQ

  • 6 months experience in a skin invasive treatment

  • Registered with a medical body

What qualifications will you receive ?

You will achieve the following qualifications in 3 days INCLUDING Foundation Dermal Fillers and Foundation Botox :

  • Anatomy and physiology level 3 

  • Anatomy and physiology level 4

  • First Aid 

  • CPR

  • Anaphylaxis 

  • Safe practice in medicine 

  • Foundation dermal filler

  • Fat Dissolving 

  • Foundation anti wrinkle 

  • Managing complications 

Course Duration

3 Days in total. 

  • Day One - Fat dissolving 
  • Day Two - Dermal Filler theory & Dermal Filler Practical

  • Day Three - Botulinum toxin theory & Botulinum toxin Practical


Course Content

  • Level 3 & 4 Anatomy and physiology  (Online qualification) accessed through our online learning system. This will be completed through home study

You will begin your course with online anatomy and physiology training. This part of the course requires zero practical and zero case studies, however this is a very important part in the development of your own knowledge, as it will help you have more of an understanding on the face and body structure when it comes to injecting a person. You will need to complete assignments for this part of the course, so we ask you to please focus on getting this done as efficiently as possible as it is very important and will increase your knowledge for when you are performing aesthetics treatments.

  • Infection control and Health & Safety  

  • First Aid, anaphylaxis & CPR including Safe practice in medicine

  • Fat Dissolving  

The next part of this course will be advanced mesotherapy. This includes theory and practical training in fat dissolving. These courses are very enjoyable to do and do not come with lots of contra indications, which means you should feel at ease when performing these treatments as we understand for some of you, it may be quite nerve racking to begin with. These advanced treatments have become very popular, so they are great to have on your portfolio. You will firstly complete the theory for each of these treatments online and then go on to do the practical.

  • Foundation Fillers & Foundation wrinkle relaxing 

You would have now reached the final stages of your course, which includes foundation filler and foundation wrinkle relaxing training. These courses will be the most challenging and most exciting to do. For both courses you will complete online theory. You will then complete 1 days’ worth of practical in foundation fillers in which you will cover areas such as the lips, chin, marionette lines. For wrinkle relaxing you will complete 1 day of practical training focusing on areas such as crows’ feet, frown lines and forehead lines.

That's not all...


  • You will receive:

  • Complications  (and filler dissolving)

  • Insurance Discount

  • Wholesale Discount

  • Prescriber Access & Support

  • Clinical Oversight

  • Life-long Student Support

  • Business set up and marketing 

  • Social media 


This is what you'll learn on your foundation dermal filler and toxin course: 


Foundation Dermal Filler:

  • Facial Anatomy & Physiology

  • Emergency Complications Training

  • Safe practice of medicine 

  • First aid and anaphylaxis training

  • Health and safety 

  • Theory of Dermal Filler Uses

  • Choosing the right dermal filler for your client

  • Clinical Set Up & Legislation

  • Client Consultation & Aftercare

  • Working on Live Models

  • Lip Border

  • Marrionette Lines Volume and Enhancement

  • Nasolabial Folds

  • Working with Needle

Foundation Toxin:

  • Facial Anatomy & Physiology

  • Complication Management

  • Safety with Prescription only Medication

  • Male VS. Female Dose

  • Product Dilution

  • Insulin VS Speywood Units

  • Facial Mapping

  • Working on live models covering the upper third of the face (frontalis, glabella, crows feet)

We offer Payment plans

Spread the cost of your purchases

Payl8r is a simple payment option that enables you to buy the goods and services you require now, and spread the cost over a time period to suit you!




  • Apply without affecting your credit

  • High acceptance rates

  • Low interest rates

  • Interest free periods

  • Flexible friendly finance



  • No CCJs within the last year 

  • No accounts in default

  • Be a UK resident

  • Have online banking

  • Have a regular source of income



If you fail a traditional credit check, rather than rejecting your application we may give you the option to submit your affordability instead by supplying an electronic 90 day bank statement.

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